Sunday, March 31, 2013


Some of my favourite puppy pictures from Friday...

All the puppies LOVE their foster siblings - Cava, Puffin and Tinbie

Umm Jack. That isn't very nice.

Cava was teaching Jack how to jump while Gus just sat and watched.

Following the leader.

Blomkvist couldn't decide if he really wanted to be part of the action, but he couldn't stay away.

Jack needs to go to a photographer.  He was such a little poser.

Lou is pretty adorable.

I love the sweet pensive looks Otter gets when she just sits and takes it all in.

The closest as I got to a group shot.  :)

Is there anymore?

Good to the last drop.

Puppy bums are always so cute!

Speaking of puppy bums...

Gus looking up to Puffin wondering if he'll ever be that tall.


Judy said...

What great pictures! The captions are perfect

WigglyZack said...

oh those puppies are so cute - especially the one of little jumping Jack!!!