Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls' Weekend

I left this weekend for a much needed Girls' Weekend in the Cypress Hills. There was 4 of us from Lethbridge, 1 from Medicine Hat, and 1 from Saskatchewan. We had a blast. We walked, we talked and we drank. And that was about it. We mainly talked. It is amazing how fast the time went even though we weren't doing anything. We never even left the townsite of Elkwater!

On our way to the park, we stopped in Medicine Hat to pick up Robyn and went down to Police Outpost Park. There was a snake hibernaculum (sp?) right off one of the trails. It was very cool. The bull snakes were huge (maybe 5-6 ft) and they absolutely dwarfed the garter snakes. I probably took around 70 pictures of just the snakes!

We did some geocaching near the townsite, checked out their new visitor centre (which was a little dissapointing because their new displays haven't been installed yet but the building is pretty neat) and just ambled around. We didn't see any big wildlife but there were lots of birds to keep me occupied with the camera.


onecollie said...

Oh, I love that bird picture!
Sounds like a great time!!

Sarah said...

sounds like a fun time Wendy!!!!!!