Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wild Woman

Photo by Kristy!

Lacey was just wild last night at agility. I guess that is what 3 days of no daycare does for you. When we got home, she spent about a half hour "puppy spazzing". She was racing around in circles and jumping on and off furniture. At one point she launched herself off the bed, ran downstairs at breakneck speeds and then we could hear her racing around the kitchen and livingroom all by herself. Coulee just sat on the bed waiting for her to race back upstairs again.

This was the kids earlier in the day...

Lacey had lots of fun at agility. She went over the wall and the bridge (which we had already practiced on the weekend - shhh - don't tell anyone!) and we even practiced the table while waiting for our turn. She quite liked the table...I'm not sure why I'm surprised. It is the only stationary piece of equipment!

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