Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Wubba

I think I need a second Wubba. There was a whole lotta this going on today.

Lacey seems to have finally discovered the attention she gets whenever she has it. She was full out sprinting for the toy today and not backing down if Coulee was hot on her heels. I was impressed.

Coulee had to up her game to get the toy so she turned on the focus and determination.

What is Lacey looking at in the distance?

An old daycare buddy named Otus. We hadn't seen him since he was still a pup!

We have a few long road trips ahead of us these next couple of days. I hope they got enough exercise this afternoon!


Stephanie V said...

Fantastic photos! I can feel the crisp cold and see lots and lots of details! Is this the new camera?

Michelle said...

Great shots! Wow, I need to take a few lessons on action photography like this! Oh, and what's a Wubba?

Paws on the Run said...

Hi Michelle,

Glad you like the pics! I'm enjoying the new camera. :)

A Wubba is just a toy made by kong - you can find it in most pet store. The girls think it is the best toy ever.