Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Life - Week 7 +

OK.  So I'm falling behind - in both my photos and my blogging. So I'm going to start blogging each photo instead of doing a weekly cap-up.  There may be more than one photo and lots of description or there may just be the one.  I didn't post Sunday because I haven't done Saturday's word yet.  I know what I want, but the world hasn't cooperated so I haven't taken it yet.  Now these last two days have been very uninspired and include pictures that I'm not in love with and would never have posted if it wasn't for the project, but I just need to keep going and get over the hump.  Two people that I know and/or have been following have dropped out of the project in the last 2 days so it isn't just me that is feeling the pressure.  Must keep swimming.  Must keep swimming.

Today will be a catch-up post, and then after this you can expect single days at a time.  :)

Day 41 - Lucky

She's lucky Coulee ran the wrong way.  It is the only way she can beat her to the toy.

Day 42 - Tasty

I asked her to get up on a picnic table so she was anticipating something tasty as a reward.

Dehydrated lamb lungs were on the "dessert menu" today.  And yup, they are as disgusting as they sound.  I didn't buy them.  The dogs love them though.

Day 43 - Good Times

When plans A and B fail and I start working towards plan C, this project no longer seems like a good time.

So then I tell myself to just forget it for now and do whatever I want… and that's when it all falls into place.  The good times are when I relax and photograph the world around me, not the world I try and create.

Day 44 - Steps

For just about 2 years now I have been obsessed with almost every step Coulee takes.  Her feet have a weird mystery disease that comes and goes.  Every cycle last for a different amount of time - sometimes we have breaks between them, and sometimes just as they are starting to improve, they start to get worse again.

We've tried everything the dermatologist can think of and are currently trying allergy shots (even though no one thinks that is actually the problem, it is better than doing nothing at all) and I can't really tell if they are helping, but they definitely aren't making things worse. Her last two cycles have been shorter than average and we've had at least 2 weeks of "goodness" in between so it is possible that it is helping, or it could just be coincidence.  Only time will tell.

She is just cycling into a good period (haven't seen any pain in 2 or 3 weeks and her pads are almost looking normal) so we've been slowly increasing her activities and this past week we've been walking almost every day.  The pain will show up before her pads show signs of illness, so I still need to be watchful.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a pity party.  This is the best I've felt about her feet in a long time.  These past 6 months have been the least painful since this whole mess started so I'm actually feeling hopeful about the future.

Day 45 - Romance

Romance is all about the art of seduction.  Jack has that part down pat.

Note: Just me and the fur kids here!  Not much romance going on today so you've got to work with what you've got.  LOL

Day 46 - Reward

When you stop to think of it, there are rewards (and consequences) for every.single.decision you make.  Think about it...

The reward for getting up early is getting more stuff done.
The reward for sleeping in is feeling more refreshed when you get up.
The reward for walking the dogs is tired, happy dogs.
The reward for not walking the dogs is more time to do other things.
The reward for eating chocolate is yummy goodness in your mouth.
The reward for eating an apple is better health.
Etc., etc.

This morning I watched a video on understanding the difference that a focal length can make.  It reminded me how much I LOVE the look of a long focal length.  So I popped on the extender and went out to get some dreamy background shots.

The reward for watching that video are photos I never would have taken today if I hadn't watched it.  I'll try not to think of the consequences - the photos I would have had if I'd chosen to do something different.  :)

Day 48 - Shared Space

The only shared bed in our house is ours.  You can almost never have it to yourself.

Day 50 - Best Dressed

Neither Marlin or I are what I consider well dressed people.  Clothes are not our thing. Dressing up is not our thing. Shoes are not our thing.  I'm pretty sure Coulee owns the most expensive pair in the house.  :)

Day 51- More

I made the mistake of temporarily putting my clean laundry on the bed.  Apparently it is even more comfortable to Lu then.  To me, it just means that I have even more fur on my clothes than usual.

Day 52 - In My Bag

Copped out and did a super easy, unoriginal photo for today's pic.  I have a small purse for a reason - I don't like to carry a lot of stuff with me.  Just the bare essentials, random receipts and a few dog toys.  It made me laugh that I had a "good" and "bad" cuz in there you never know when you are going to need one.

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Taryn said...

I don't think I could ever sign on for a themed photo-a-day, so you are doing great in my book!

Just keeping up with my Wilson's Wordless Wednesday can be panic-inducing when I get down to the last day and don't have something :-)