Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project Life - Week 4

Currently Reading - 20/365
Today we snowshoed up to Wall Lake so I was reading sign posts all the way up.  It was an almost 14 km round trip - here we are 4 kms in.

This is obviously not a visual masterpiece, but it is a great reminder of what we did today. Taken with the GoPro on a chest harness. I had to kneel to get the picture as the post is half buried in the snow.

Dream - 21/365
Growing up I wanted to be lots of things - a vet, a pet store owner (I even went so far as to figure out all the things I would need to buy for my store) and a farmer's wife.

It cracks me up and saddens me at the same time that I wanted to be a farmer's wife and not the farmer. I don't think it occurred to me that a farmer could be a woman.  Who has read a childhood book that featured a female farmer?  Obviously not me.

Makes Me Smile - 22/365
I thought today would be super easy.  It turns out it was really hard!  Lots of things make me smile and it was hard picking just one thing!

Vito however, never fails to make me smile.  He gives great hugs, he has the cutest smile, and best of all, he loves Lacey with all his heart and she loves him right back.  With Lacey's rather "bitchy" personality (sorry not sure how else to word her savage side) it is so nice to see her playing and wrestling.  She doesn't get the chance to do it very often any more.

Transparent - 23/365
Well this was way harder to do than I expected. It didn't help that I was freezing and had to keep taking my mitten off to take pictures with the iPad!

I couldn't get rid of the reflection on the iPad (but that shows that it is authentic and not photoshopped) and I had trouble getting the right exposure on the iPad (which is something I always struggle with for the phone too) but I helped it a bit in post processing.

Faux - 24/365
Marlin has the worst fake smile of anyone I've ever met.  If you can't get him to smile naturally, you make as well not even take a picture.

Real - 25/365
Real Joy.  This is why I love my dogs so much.  They are able to live in the moment and take things as they come.

Guest - 26/365
The only room that ever stays clean in our house is the guest room.  We keep the door closed at all times but the moment we open it, everyone runs into the "forbidden area".

If we (or a guest) leave the door open accidentally, we are guaranteed to find a cat cozied up on the bed.

And as Sarah pointed out - it is only fitting that Jack was my model as he was only ever intended to be a short term guest.  :)

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