Sunday, December 22, 2013

All Dressed Up

For the first time I ever, I got dressed up to take some photos.... I helped out at a wedding reception!  What was I thinking???

I definitely haven't found a new calling but it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I concentrated mainly on getting candid pictures of the guests before dinner (and then worked the Photo Booth after - which took me a little while to warm up to, but I think I got there in the end!  Yikes!).  Thankfully there is lots of laughter and smiles at a wedding.  It was interesting to "eavesdrop" from a distance with my camera, not being able to hear the story, but waiting for the punchline to catch that moment when people would smile and laugh.  It was also interesting to watch people light up when the kids were around.  People watching the kids play was almost a guaranteed candid smile for me.

I fell in love with a little boy.  He is probably not much more than a year - still in diapers but running around like crazy.  I think if I ever wanted to photograph people, that age would be the perfect one for me.  He knew I was there, I'm pretty sure he knew what I was doing, but he really didn't care.  Once he got over the shyness of someone new watching him, he was uninhibited and cute and dare I say it... just like a dog.  :)

I did not fall in love with trying to get pictures of cake or decorations.  Ugh. Now that is a talent I don't seem to have.

I'm not sure what the "rules" are for posting the pics, so it is probably best if I don't share any.  I'm handing them over to Lorelei for her to deal with.  Hopefully she can work some editing magic on some of these because from the ones I've glanced at - they could use the help.  :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Walk in the Wind

There has seriously been no good time to walk the dogs in the past 2 weeks.  It's either been too cold, too snowy, too unsafe to drive or too windy.  We went out to Park Lake today for the first time in ages - the highway was good, the parking area was good and the trail wasn't bad but snowshoes wouldn't have been out of the question.

Coulee didn't seem to be feeling all that great earlier this week but today she seemed to be feeling great.  I didn't have the heart to try and reign in her enthusiasm - she was just too happy.

Her goofy face even made an appearance.  :)

Lacey also had a blast.  I'm not sure what she is digging for here, but it was something exciting apparently.

The snow was pretty deep in sections and then almost gone in other areas due to the wind.  The dogs didn't seem to mind but we weren't all that comfortable slogging through the soft deep stuff.

I changed lenses part way through the walk and had to take my mitten off to do it.  I caught Lacey trying to make a run for it with it.  LOL

Coulee bashfully brought it back to me.  (Not her most flattering picture but she has her "Bessy ears" on which is so hard to catch with the camera as they only come out when she is feeling playfully guilty.)

And Lacey just tried to steal it back.

Overall we all had a pretty good time.  The dogs have been sleeping soundly ever since and we finally got in a long enough walk to have peace in the house.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Bunny

Lacey doesn't like the cold.  It doesn't take much before she is standing up on her hind legs like a gopher and her love of boots hasn't improved.  But the snow.... she LOVES the snow.  I bet she'd stay outside all day if I let her.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Permanent Eye Goobie

Coulee had a small lump on her eyelid that caused us some concern.  It's turned out to be nothing, but now where the lump used to be, the pigment has changed colour... Which is not a big deal except for the fact that in photos, it looks like she always has an eye goobie.  It's going to drive me nuts. Although pretty soon I'll be an eye goobie, cloning master! LOL

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold and Snowy

So first we had a blizzard, and now we are having extreme cold - minus 40 C kind of cold... That's just this week and it isn't even winter.  I think it is going to be a long one!