Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burying the Bone

Last night I came home with two large rawhides for the girls. Two. So they would both have one. They both went off merrily with their bones and started chewing. A few hours later, they are down to one. There is no way, one of them has made it through a bone yet. Lacey has gone and "buried" it somewhere for safe keeping. Sigh.

Lacey's version of burying something is to place it on a flat surface and to use her nose to push stuff on top of it. So for example, she'll lay it in the middle of the livingroom floor (laminate floor I should add) and push dust bunnies, real and imagined, over the bone to hide it.

The sad thing is, I can't find the buried bone! And neither can Coulee.

I just caught her trying to bury the remaining bone in the couch cushions but she abandoned that attempt once she saw that I had noticed. I just went upstairs and looked, and she's hidden it somewhere else so that she can go outside and not worry about it being stolen. Hopefully she remembers where they are.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gotta Go Up

When someone stops right in front of you, there is only one way to avoid a collision...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

To one of the sweetest and most generous people I know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sisterly Love

I'm glad my sister doesn't show affection to me this way!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Coulee Squish

My new camera has a video feature that I just tried for the first time the other day. I don't imagine it will get much use, but I'm sure the odd video every once and a while will be fun. The camera just happened to be laying around when the girls started playing so I turned it on and captured the action. Coulee is demonstrating her signature move - The Coulee Squish. Lacey has developed a fairly effective defensive move to combat The Squish - kick under the belly, while biting the back legs.

Sorry for the incredibly poor cinematography. It is a skill I apparently don't have.

And yes I know, they don't really have "balanced play". They never have and probably never will. Lacey keeps coming back for more day after day so I usually only stop it when Lacey has clearly demonstrated that she has had enough, and Coulee isn't getting the message. You can see a few times when it looks like Lacey would like it to stop, but in the end she initiates again. I can't count the number of times I've called Coulee off only to have Lacey launch back into the game. Occasionally (and I mean occasionally), Coulee will let Lacey pounce all over her but I've only ever seen it happen in the backyard and only a few times a year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walking Boots

I really need a new pair.

Kristy Darby Photography

A friend of mine is starting up a photography business. When she told me what she was planning on doing, I was a little surprised by my reaction... I was HAPPY for her. Happy, for competition. Weird eh?

I have internet friends that I can ask questions to, or get feedback and suggestions on things, but nothing beats a real live friend that you can talk business with. I know what she is going through, and she knows what I'm going through and maybe together we can learn from each others' mistakes.

I'll be insanely jealous if she rockets into fortune and fame and leaves me in her dust, but I'll be proud of her too. I think you need to be a little stupid or a little brave to start your own business. (I fall into the stupid category, I had no idea what I was getting into... trust me.) You need to set aside all the negative comments (You are opening a dog daycare? Who would pay $25 for their dog to play all day? Lethbridge is NOT big enough, etc.) and have confidence not only in yourself, but in your plan and that people will want to use (and pay for!) your services.

And a girl that can win Lacey over in less than 10 minutes has got TALENT! Look at her. She wouldn't leave her side. It was the cutest thing. Every time Kristy crouched down to take a picture Lacey would come running. I am sure there were many pictures ruined due to Lacey's nose or ears popping into the frame.

Did somebody say treats?!

Kristy is working on her website and portfolio building so I offered Coulee and Lacey's help. It was really weird to have a photo session without a camera in my hand, but it was a lot of fun. And I'm actually in a few pictures too! Maybe one day I can return the favor.

Thanks for the sneak peak Kristy! I can't wait to see more. Oh and Kristy... Marlin finally believes me that his fake smile sucks. LOL.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I Pose?

Lacey is really enjoying being the star of my 52 Weeks Project.

Yesterday Lacey got to practice catching treats. For some reason it had never occured to me to take pictures of this. What have I been thinking? She was so cute and just sat there the whole time waiting for the cookies to fall from the sky.

I didn't end up using any of these for the project but I probably will try again some day soon. I don't think Lacey will mind.

Where was Coulee while all this was happening? Waiting for the frisbee at my feet to be thrown of course. She would rather hold out for a game of fetch than eat a cookie.

Monday, January 18, 2010

i heart faces

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend just puttering on the internet. I am completely obsessed with blogs (especially photography ones) and I'm always amazed at where you can end up just by following different links that catch your eye. Somehow I stumbled across i heart faces.

This one website/blog kept me busy for hours even though I don't do "people" photography. There is lots of great information on their site including how to make your pictures bigger on your blog. That tip alone makes me a very happy girl. There are some incredible pictures and photographers on the site, lots of tutorials and even a weekly photo that a few different photographers show you step by step how they improved it. You can even download the same photo and give it a try yourself.

One of the fun things they have each week is a themed photo contest. This week's theme is families. And even though I don't do people, I photographed my sister's family just last month and I can't resist entering. They have said it doesn't have to be a traditional family so I thought about entering one with the girls but I don't actually have many photos of them with Marlin and/or I. So my sister's family gets the honor (hope that's OK Deb!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Wheels

I bought a new bike a few months ago but today was the first day I actually used it.

Why would I go out in 1 C weather for a bike ride? Well I signed up to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer in June and I REALLY need to get in shape for it. It is a 200 km ride in two days. Gulp! Today I went 14 km in an hour. :) At this rate, it will take me 7 hours each day.

Obviously a lot more training is necessary. As is fundraising.

When you sign up for the ride, you need to commit to fundraising $2500 for Cancer Research. So if you'd like to donate please do so here.

Patients and families at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Cross Cancer Institute, and 15 other cancer centres in Alberta will ultimately benefit from your donations. Alberta scientists and physicians receiving Alberta Cancer Foundation grants will put Ride dollars to immediate use in the fight against cancer. Funding will support basic scientific research for new discoveries and drug development; population health research to uncover the causes of cancer; molecular imaging for faster more accurate diagnosis and treatment; translational research that takes bench discoveries to the bedside; and clinical trials to provide Albertans with access to leading-edge therapies years before they become standard protocol. You will help the Alberta Cancer Foundation purchase state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and fund research programs that will result in lifesaving prevention initiatives and bring about new treatment options for all cancers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Was Mistaken

I may have been wrong the other day when I thought it was the mud making Coulee crazy. We went out yesterday for a walk and there was no mud to be found but I noticed Lacey exhibiting some weird symptoms.

She seems to have lost a little bit of her coordination skills

Vito was also feeling the effects.

And that is when I noticed the common link between our two walks - the new frisbee! Coulee seems to now be immune, but can you see it starting to take affect on Lacey?

It made her think her mouth was huge! (Pssst. Lacey. You'll never pick it up that way)
It made her share toys with her sister. Maybe Coulee isn't completely immune yet.
It made her eyes bug out of her head.

It made her try and steal the frisbee from her sister.
In short, it made her CRAZY....
Good thing it makes you crazy and not stupid.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Got It

Lacey still manages to fly on almost every walk. :)

Check back tomorrow for a little bit more crazy... Lacey style.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mud Madness

Watch out. Mud can cause the following things to happen:

The inability to control your facial muscles.
The feeling that you are always being followed.
The inability to catch flying objects. This appears to be the most severe symptom.
Your limbs to act independently of each other.
Your ears to do weird and wonderful things
Temporary insanity.
And last but not least, the occasional gorgeous picture that you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
If you want to see the craziness larger, just click on any image.

A Little Muddy

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Need a New Toy

We need a new toy. Even I'm tired of pictures of the Wubba!