Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Ball and Cone

Not much time for words as I should be working.  These are from a few weekends ago (the day I took the video) but they were too cute not to share (or rather I wanted to be able to look at them later easily). :)  In my defence, I stumbled across them while filling a photography order so I was kind of working. :)

Lacey is FINALLY cone free when we are home.  We are still putting it on while we are away as we are worried she'll start licking and just not stop.

She is now battling infected anal glands (as is Jack - I have no idea what is going on!!) but hopefully just getting them expressed regularly over the next few weeks, that will be cleared up.

Coulee is good.  Her feet cleared up almost overnight and everything is good with her - except for the fact that I'm too busy for decent walks.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A "Me" Morning

I have so much work to do, and so little time to do it, it isn't even funny but I just spent my weekend driving, taking photos and driving some more and I really needed a break.  So I took the morning and managed not to feel too guilty for only doing a minimal amount of work.

The girls and I went out to Keho Lake.  Since running into a Conservation Officer at our usual place, I needed to find a new place.  Keho is a little farther away so I won't be able to get there between shifts during the week but it will be a good weekend place throughout the summer.

Last time we came, we got dive bombed by a couple of godwits, so we went to a slightly different area to avoid their nest.

Lacey's foot is looking so good.  There is one tiny stitch still in there so we are going back to the vet (again!) tomorrow to get it removed.  I'm really hoping that is the only thing that is keeping her licking at it, because spending almost 24/7 in a cone is getting really old after 5 weeks.

The grass is super long and a very bright green in sections.

Coulee enjoyed swimming in the lake.  It's fairly close to the road so we don't need to actually do much walking and she can still get a decent amount of exercise.

I had a wider angle lens on for most of the walk.  I can't seem to find the sweet spot - they are either too small or they look cartoonish.  :)

But it does a pretty good on head shots.

I swear this place is some sort of drug house.  :)  Nothing around it looks like it is liveable, yet the two times I've driven by there are newer cars mingled in with the old abandoned ones.  There are no cultivated fields near by and I have no idea what else people would be doing out there.  I had to stop and take a picture once I saw the cat sitting there.  Hopefully they don't think I was spying on them - there aren't enough Nissan Cubes in town for me to keep a low profile.  :)

A New Game

I normally would have taken her cone off, but she was having way too much fun.  :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

So Serious

Getting the toy (in Coulee's case) and the treat (in Lacey's case) is very serious business.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Footloose and Fancy Free

Lacey has been doing OK.  She got her stitches out on Thursday and other than being desperate to lick her foot, she's been doing well.  She is still wearing her cone as if we don't have eyes on her she is licking.

We spend most evenings sitting on the couch with the iPad watching her and trying to watch a show so that she can have some cone free time. Being on the computer is impossible as my back is turned to her and she takes full advantage.  She's become very sneaky about it.  She goes to get a drink of water and when she is done, she stands there and licks her foot until we catch her.  I've watched her go around the side of the couch and the moment she is out of sight I can hear her lick her foot.  She often pretends she is going downstairs to visit Marlin but instead stops halfway to lick her foot.

She's being a total brat, but I can't blame her.  She has some sores on the sides of her foot from wearing a bandage for so long and frankly I think those are bugging her more than her toe is.  I'll be glad when those heal up and the scabs fall off.

We went on her first bootie free walk today.  She did great.  I'll have to get some video but she moves well and only occasionally favours the one foot. We still have her on pain meds but I'm going to start reducing those starting tomorrow.

All the reduced exercise is actually not a bad thing at the moment as Coulee's feet are at the worst part of their cycle. We think though that the allergy shots might be having some impact.  We are going to increase their frequency to see if it helps even more.  At the moment her cycles seem shorter and less severe with longer breaks in between but we'd like to see if we can get them to disappear all together.

We couldn't get down the road to the beach today like we had planned, but we found another deserted place where we could access the reservoir although it wasn't sandy.  Coulee had a great time swimming and Lacey just puttered on shore for the most part.

We even managed to find a spot that was rain free for 45 minutes or so despite driving through rain almost the whole way there and whole way back.

Oh and I have no idea what is up with the hawk population this year but we saw at least 30 hawks on our way home hanging out on fence posts.  There must be a tonne of rodents out there this year or something.