Monday, January 31, 2011


I didn't take a lot of pictures this past weekend.  But I couldn't resist taking this of Smoke.  She was the perfect stationary model for me... except for that flickering tail.

Two Fisted

Micah still doesn't really know what to do with toys. So Debbie suggested I bring out a Tux that we could stuff with some food, in hopes of getting her more interested in toys...

I love her little two handed approach and how her eyes are closed in concentration.

Nelson Surprise

It was supposed to be a big surprise party, but instead it was just a surprise.  My sister turned 40 last week so her husband Steve decided to throw a big party for her and my whole family decided to come.

Mom (and my sister's elementary school friend Angela) were flying from Vancouver to Castlegar while I was driving to Cranbrook, hooking up with Dad and Shelley and then driving to Nelson together.  Our first hiccup was the flights into Castlegar being cancelled.  Mom and Angela were running around the airport "Amazing Race" style, trying to get on different flights and finally settled on an early afternoon flight into Cranbrook.  So we delayed our departure so we could pick them up and all carpool to Nelson together.  Thank goodness for mini vans!

The second hiccup was my niece Sarah getting sick.  So the big party had to be postponed...  But we had our own mini-party instead.

We spent Saturday shopping, hanging out, playing Wii and just generally having a good time.

I spent Sunday travelling home.  :(

Thanks Steve for getting us all together!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funny

While searching through photos for Debbie's birthday post, I stumbled across 2 that Marlin and I took for an easter card one year for Sarah.  I hope our humiliation puts a smile on your face today!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 40th!

Happy Birthday to my big sister!!!!  I love ya!  Wish I could be there with you today.  

According to the photo record I have, we didn't pose much together during our school years.  That probably is pretty accurate. LOL!  The good news is that spared us the really bad hair years.  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Monday

Just a few random pictures from yesterday...

Giving the frisbee a good shake.

Love the body language in this one.

Love the body language in this one too. :)  See that little bit of black between Coulee's front legs?  That would be Lacey slamming into her side.

Lacey had had enough of the 90 km winds by the end.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inside Out Ears

I'm almost a month into my 365 project and it is going OK.  I've gotten some photos that I probably wouldn't have with out the project and there have been a few nights where it forced me to take out the camera and take some pictures.  Some days I try new things.  These don't always work to my liking so I don't post those pictures but it is still getting me to use the camera when I wouldn't normally. I've been trying to not necessarily pick the BEST photo from the day, but the one that best represents that day.  It is hard some times though to choose a less appealing picture, over a nicer one.

I'm happy with yesterday's of Lacey and Marlin. It wasn't my most dynamic picture of the day, but I rarely seem to take pictures with him in them because I tend to prefer dog photos without people cluttering them up.  LOL.  But I was also really tempted to use one of these of Coulee.  I've never gotten a picture of her "Inside Out" ears before.  She has to be in the right mood and she is usually inside (and I almost never take indoor pictures).  It also doesn't help that the mood that she needs to be in is usually ruined when I hold a camera (camera = fun time, not weird sucky-up, submissive time).  So I was thrilled to be able to take some yesterday, but to avoid ruining the mood I had to take them from the hip (i.e. without looking at what I was taking) and the focus is off.  Oh well.  You can still get the picture, so to speak.

Watching and Learning

Apparently Lacey has been watching and learning a few of Coulee's moves.

She has the ungraceful catching part down pat.

But then this happened....

And Lacey decided that catching was for obsessive border collie type dogs only.  She'd rather just keep all four feet on the ground.

Unless of course, the coast was clear.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Even More

Sorry.  I just can't resist the blue sky and white snow!  That's it though. I'm done.  With pictures from yesterday anyway.  :)

Almost got clobbered in this one!


I couldn't resist sharing more pictures from yesterday.  I brought my wider angle lens and got quite a few shots that I liked. I'm not sure why I don't bring it with me more often!

The dog park looked downright majestic today!  The coulees almost looked like Mountains.  And Bean (my car) really adds to the photo too!  :)

Apparently Lacey thinks you are supposed to carry ALL frisbees like a taco.  This one isn't nearly as flexible as the one from West Paw and she still managed to fold it in half.

Snow Taco!

The girls

Lacey looks so tiny compared to Coulee!  

Coulee was disgruntled... Lacey kept getting the frisbee.

Where's Lacey?

She makes it look like we got 1 foot of fresh snow or something...