Saturday, November 6, 2010

People Pictures

I don't actually "do" people pictures.  It really isn't the same as taking pet pictures.  The camera is on completely different settings, completely different angles are flattering and frankly I just don't have a clue what I'm doing.

So when she asked the first time, I laughed and said "No way!"

When she asked the second time I said "No thanks!"

When she asked the third time I said "If you're desperate..."

Apparently they were desperate.


onecollie said...

oh Wendy they are beautiful!!!! really !!
I so want you to do me & Brad , pretty please , with starbucks on top ! ♥

Karen said...

They are lovely, especially the last one.

Nearly Naked Neckwear Inc. said...

Did you bring out the squeaky toy?

Those are fantastic pictures Wendy.

WigglyZack said...

you truly have a gift for photography - they are brilliant

Stephanie V said...

I knew when you did our photoshoot that you were good at the people, too. These are lovely.

Kristy said...

You sell yourself way too short - you've taken some fantastic people photos of your sister's family and these turned out great too:) Great job Wendy!

Lynn said...

Karen was correct. That last photo is fantastic!