Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Lacey has a self appointed job.  And that is to rid the neighbourhood of Magpies.  

The Magpies think she is hilarious.  They will sing and dance from the top of the fence and would goad her on until she is hoarse if they could (we call her in long before that happens though!).  

Unfortunately for us, there appears to have been a nest made in a nearby tree as we suddenly have three young scoundrels hanging around.  These guys are still a little small and their tails are a little short to be adults.

They have already learned where it is safe to sit just out of reach.

I fear it is going to be a very frustrating summer for Lacey and a very loud one for our neighbours.  Magpies aren't the quietest bird on the planet and they yell at her as much as she yells at them.


Taryn said...

Neat looking bird...We don't have those here.

Unknown said...

Lacey go for it magpies can be mean to other birds and they steal I hear.
Best wishes Molly

WigglyZack said...

Oh blimy!!!