Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Walk

I photographed sheep herding and agility this past weekend and am still not really in the mood to pick up the camera and generate more work for myself, so Coulee wore the GoPro today on our walk.  No cropping, no straightening and no editing were done on these.  The vertical ones are even straight out of camera (she was running and it was swinging).

Lacey never wants to leave. 
Me video taping Lacey while Coulee photographs us.  LOL


Taryn said...

Such fun photos! That camera is so neat! I don't think I would capture much if I strapped one on a corgi :-)

deb said...

Great pictures Coulee! Good timing on the vertical ones too! Love the one where she is drinking out of the puddle, & the ones of Lacey swimming in the "lake" not wanting to leave despite Coulee all locked up & ready to roll!