Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mama's Little Helpers

Both girls got to help deliver papers today as Marlin is away hunting and I had to do the route by myself. It was Lacey's first time. I know, I've been bad. I've just been taking Coulee. It has been going so well with her, I didn't want to ruin my good streak.

Lacey did pretty good, but she definitely wasn't having a very good time. For some reason, she hated walking up to the front doors. So at the top of every landing I would drop a treat. The first few homes, I had to point it out to her so that she would eat it. By the 30th house, I was still pointing it out to her. I'm not sure if she thought I had to say something for her to get it or what, but it was driving me slighty crazy. She would stand half-way up the stairs looking pathetic and I would say "what's this" and point with my toe. Only then would she come the rest of the way, eat the treat and then try and scurry back down the stairs. After around 60-70 homes, she still wasn't really getting it, so I decided that was enough and traded her for Coulee.

Things went much faster with Coulee but it still took me a full two hours to complete the route. At the end of it all I gave the girls a paper to play with in the backyard. I think Lacey enjoyed that part more than actually delivering them even though Coulee kept trying to eat her.

Any ideas where Lacey's right leg went in this photo below? Freaky!

I'm off to get ready for the dog show. I'm showing Tate today. Gulp!

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