Sunday, April 17, 2011

Worth Thinking About

Earlier this week I found out that one of the daycares that opened up last year was closing down.  I feel bad for the owner as this can't be an easy decision, and it probably wasn't a cheap one either.  There were 2 daycares that opened up at around the same time and I wondered if the two of them would hurt each other more than they would hurt my business - and that seems to be what happened.  We had a few slower than usual months in early Winter but we are currently going as strong as we were at this time last year.  I think all their advertising has actually helped us.  LOL.

I debated taking over the lease and opening a second location.  I toured the facility, chatted about the opportunity with Amanda, Jo and Marlin and for a while was excitedly leaning towards going for it.  Then I called my Dad as he is always a great person to bounce ideas off.

He was encouraging but by the end of the conversation I had talked myself out of it.  Just thinking about doing it wasn't a waste of time though.  I learned something.

Whenever a client calls and wants to book their dog in for a day when we are full, I hate saying we can't take them. I feel like I am letting them down, that I am disappointing them and that my business isn't living up to their expectations.  I had never really thought about why it bugged me so much.

While I'd love a solution to saying no all the time, opening another location is not what I want to do.  I don't want more work, I want less (doesn't everyone?).  And I know that a second location would take me away from the best part of the job - hanging with the dogs. Getting a promotion or having a more successful business isn't necessarily better. I'm always surprised when people take a promotion just because that is what you are supposed to do.  What about what you want to do?

I'm looking forward to having some time off this summer, hanging out with Marlin, the pups, family and taking lots and lots of photos. Besides, the daycare is never as busy in the summer so I won't need to say no as much for the next few months and I'll have time to figure out a better way to say no less often next winter.


WigglyZack said...

I am glad to hear business is good and I am glad to hear that there is a limit on the dogs you take in even if we can't always get in. It is best to have the quality of care and fun for the dogs than to have too many dogs that's when problems begin. Don't change a thing - Zack thinks it's the best place ever!!

Blazingstar said...

Sounds like a good decision to me! I think it's important to keep a business at a manageable level. I turn work down frequently and I sometimes wonder if I should hire people to work for me, but usually come to the conclusion that it would just add more stress and more complications to my already busy life. Keep it simple, I say!!!