Sunday, May 8, 2011

Idiopathic Hyperkeratosis

I just realized I never updated you on Coulee's diagnosis.  Idiopathic Hyperkeratosis are just big words that don't mean much.  Basically she has something affecting her feet but that they don't know what.

The biopsy had a 70% chance of getting us an actual diagnosis, but we unfortunately fell into the other 30%.  We do know it isn't autoimmune and it isn't cancer.  What we don't know is what we can do to prevent it from happening more.

We are going to try and see if Zinc helps.  In the meantime, we still need to get her pad to heal after her biopsy.  It has been almost 3 weeks and it is a bit of a mess.  She is now on two different kinds of pain meds and has been placed back on antibiotics as well.  She is wearing a cone 24/7 and a boot every time she steps out the door.  She is still limping but the second pain meds we added today definitely helped.  We are now using Uremol on her other diseased pads to try and get them back to normal as well. 

We are just taking it one day at a time.  We are going to re-evaluate things in a month to see if the Zinc and cream is making a difference.  Hopefully she'll be back out on walks soon.


WigglyZack said...

Oh blimy, poor coulee, poor you. Thank heavens it isn't autoimmune or cancer as that is bad. Just hope you find some treatment for her poor pads. Hang in there.

Karen said...

It makes it so much harder the fact that it is her pads. Every step she takes is putting pressure on them. Poor Coulee, hope it resolves, and the sooner the better.