Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Run

I took Coulee for her first decent run yesterday since her foot biopsy.  While the biopsy site healed a while ago, we think she pulled a shoulder muscle a few days after we started walking. So she had been on a no fetch, no running diet for a few weeks and then last week I started letting her swim a bit and yesterday we threw the frisbee a few times on land.  She had a good time.

It is nice to not have her glaring at me for once.

Ahhh.  Life is almost back to normal.

She's just a little out of shape - she laid down to rest after only a few throws.

I had taken the frisbee away after a few throws but she knew it had a good chance of coming back out now that we were at the river.  She is patiently waiting...

She was right!

Now that she has her frisbee back, she isn't about to let her little sister steal it.

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Taryn said...

That last photo is great! Even with Lacey blurry in the background you can see the crazy glint in her eye! She wants that frisbee! Coulee's expression is pretty darn good too!