Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Spirit

We are looking after Tate for a few weeks while Jo is in Ontario celebrating Christmas with her whole family!  (Mom, I'm not sure if I mentioned there would be a fifth furry creature in the house... heh heh.  And when I add them up like that it sure sounds like a lot!)

Tate continues to amaze me with how much he has changed.  He is still quiet as a mouse in the house - he doesn't even get up to greet me when I get home - but out on a walk he is fun and fiesty.  The moment we are home again, he runs back to the comfort of our bed.  LOL.

I brought out the Christmas bulb toy as I thought it would make nice photos with the snow.  I was a little worried he wouldn't play with it as he is more of a soft toy kind of guy, but he loved it.

It was a little slippery though and he kept dropping it.  Then he'd stand there and bark at me to come get it to throw it again.  I guess some things never change.

Tate is always so fun to have around because I always get lots and lots of compliments about how beautiful he is.  No one ever says that when they meet my dogs!  ;)

Jo loves her photos so I'm sure there will be many more of this handsome guy over the next few weeks... until he starts looking like he needs a groom anyway.  ;)  Hey Jo, did you notice I took off his collar?  Just for you!  Hope you guys are having fun, drinking lots of wine and having lots of laughs!


WigglyZack said...

He is such a beautiful dog. I love the picture when he is dropping the toy!!! Priceless.

Dachshund Nola said...

He's gorgeous! Love the second to last picture
Dachshund Nola

onecollie said...

He looks so happy Wendy!!
You might have to drag Amanda's butt out on a walk so I get Kort pictures too, hint hint :)
Thank you for taking off his collar LOL!
Oh, Amanda has the brush, so when you guys get together tell her to bring it ;)
thanks again, these pictures bring me much happiness

Dave said...

Nice shots Wendy :)

Mary Lou said...

Yes, Tate IS beautiful.... But SO ARE LACEY AND COULEE!! There, I said it. Does THAT count? ;-}
Your dogs are MIXED breeds. Which makes them BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE!! ;op
I LOVE the light bulb toy!! ;)