Monday, June 25, 2012


Marlin bought me the Chesty for my birthday (the chest harness for the GoPro).  Until now, if I had wanted to wear it, I would have had to strap it to my head... and trust me, I'd look pretty silly.  So I took it out on our walk today and set it up the same way I do for Coulee - it takes a photo every 5 seconds.

Lacey always has to be behind someone - me, Marlin or Coulee.

The River is super high right now.  You can see the logs floating down it too.  We did not let the dogs swim...

Hurry up slow pokes!

Marlin wanted to show me the path he usually takes.  Path? What path?  We seemed to have gotten a little lost.

Coulee rolling in something.

It was nice to see flowers!  Where I normally walk, the flowers are slim pickings.

I stopped for something and soon got left behind.

The worst family photo ever!

Everything is so green. I love it.

This cracked me up.  We could have been doing a commercial for Sigg or something.  :)

Swamp?  Or stay on the path?

Swamp won out.

This was cool.  We saw a momma and baby deer.  You can just see the baby deer to the right of the fence post.  Momma is on my side of the fence next to the far fence post.  We spotted the deer before the dogs did.  The deer also spotted us but the baby kept running towards us.  We were making noise and waving our arms and the mom kept running away, and baby kept running to us.  Marlin held the dogs back and I started to walk forward.  Baby still didn't run away but now momma was starting to run towards me.  FINALLY the baby ran in the right direction and the mom quickly hopped back over the fence and followed suit.  The dogs didn't have a clue until they crossed their path and caught their scent. Some days it is really nice to have clueless dogs!

Oh and of course I didn't have my "real" camera!!!  I've never been that close to a baby before and she was soooo cute.

PS - Have you noticed that Coulee takes better photos than me?


Rama's Mama said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!

onecollie said...

I love your photos :) you were lucky the momma didn't try to kill you like I had happen to me!

deb said...

You take great chesty photos! ;)
Good thing you guys spotted the deer & were able to grab the dogs - may not have ended so happily otherwise.