Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life 365 - Week 5

This week, I appear to have fallen back into my comfort zone.  Six out of seven photos include an animal.  Ooops!  My creativity was definitely lacking this week.

Outside - Day 27
Lorelei invited me along today to photograph some horses.  I've never spent a lot of time around horses before (other than the occasional touristy horseback riding trip) so I was a little concerned as I know nothing about them or their body language.

I had nothing to worry about. These guys were sooooo friendly.  A little too friendly actually.  It wasn't uncommon to have 8 of them around me all breathing down my neck.

I'm not done going through all my photos yet, and I don't think I'll have any great works of art, but it was sure fun!

I couldn't resist this quirky shot for my picture of the day.  I swear this was all I could see for most of it.

Inside - Day 28
Against my better judgement, I put Lacey inside a trunk.  She actually didn't seem to mind it.  I had to clone out an awful lot of cookie crumbs on her head though as I kept tossing them at her to keep her happy in there.  :)

Ironically this is very "outside" my comfort zone. Posing and especially with props is not something I do.

Red - Day 29
Every girl needs a fun red sweater in their wardrobe.  Especially when it is -27 C outside!

Innocent - Day 30
I'm not that innocent....

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get this picture today or not.

Coulee has a habit of stealing our socks, slippers and mittens but only when she is in a certain mood.  It happens often, but not daily.  She has to be feeling playful and mischievous, yet not frisky.

Thankfully today was one of those days and when I went upstairs to get something she grabbed two un-matching slippers.  I then had to keep up a running monologue to keep her in the right mood while I grabbed a camera card, found the camera, changed the settings and took the picture.

To get the bashful/innocent look we need to be jokingly scornful - hands on hips, finger wagging and lots of "Couweee"s in a certain tone. Her expression was hard to capture while also holding a camera as it is so impacted by what I'm doing.

I was unable to capture her most extreme expression when she basically turns her ears inside out and looks like a cow.  We call her Bessy when she does that.  :)  I guess that is another shot that is now on my to do list, but I'll need Marlin's help to maintain the body language, while I get the shot.  It will be so nice when summer is here and I don't need to get all my pictures done on my lunch break.

Grow - Day 31
Ironically I was a day late taking this one because I was too busy "growing" my knowledge to take a picture.  The photo club had a meeting last night and someone brought a multiple exposure image of a flag. His was much, much cool than this (and way easier on the eyes) but I couldn't resist giving it a try today.  I love how this project is helping me experiment more, even if those experiments aren't always that successful.

You Today - Day 32
As I was posting the picture, I realized that this was YOU today, not ME today.... hmmm.  I wonder what the proper interpretation of this was supposed to be.

Anyway, too late now!  This was meant to be a picture of me and Coulee.  Coulee posed great, was doing everything I wanted but Lacey wouldn't a) get properly in the picture or b) get out of the picture, so I had to change plans.  ;)

And yes, I realize I'm mean holding that up above her head where she can't reach.  ;)

Repetition - Day 33
I'm still trying to get the multiple exposure feature to work on my camera.  I think I've got it figured out now.

We were going to do this during sunset but during our practice rounds, Coulee pulled up lame again!!!  Gah.  She suddenly came back holding up her front right foot and wouldn't put weight on it for a few minutes.  We immediately headed back to the car and long before we got back (less than a 10 minute walk) she was walking normally again and was wanting to play.  This happened last weekend too.  In between there have been NO signs of anything what-so-ever.

Note: There are 6 Coulees in this image but you can't see most of them due to the crop.  Go here if you want to see the full image.

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