Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Toy

New toys are always fun. :) I've had my eye on this one for a few months now, and I decided that seeing as Spring is finally here, I would treat myself (and Coulee) to it.

It is from Rogz and it is a lighthouse that floats upright, above the water.  I am featuring it in the upcoming Golden Newsletter so I figured I should probably test it out before giving it the thumbs up.  :) 

I just have one question - How has no one thought of this earlier?

It's brilliant. Coulee loves it but I love it more. Even if she is looking the wrong way when I throw it, she can still see it if I point towards it.  I don't think we'll lose a single toy in the water this year if I always use this one.

And it makes her do amusing things while fetching it too....  It cracks me up how even though it is above water and she can grab it easily....

... she dunks her head under the water as she gets it.

She really enjoyed her time in the water today.  Because it is so easy on her feet I felt comfortable doing throw...

after throw...

after throw....  (You get the picture)

While heading back to the car, she just carried it around while she casually chased squirrels with Lacey.  (She thinks she is more intimidating with a toy in her mouth.)

And speaking of Lacey... she wasn't that thrilled with the new toy.  She was too busy rolling on poop in the middle of the lake.  Trust Lacey to find poop to roll on when you think it is safe.


Taryn said...

Great pictures! Isn't your water still only a couple of degrees off of being ice? How can she swim already?

Jimmy would swim out to a rock like Lacey is rubbing on, and EAT the poop!

Paws on the Run said...

Yes the water is still cold but she didn't seem to mind. And if Lacey goes in, you know it isn't that bad. She is definitely a fair weather paddler. :)