Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Montana - Day 4

Today was another town day.  The clouds were very low and there was a chance of rain all day, although it never actually rained.  We went into Bozeman and toured around and had a much more productive day than when we toured around Livingston yesterday.

We went to a fun pet store, then a golf store (where I read a photography book in the car and actually picked up a tip on back button focusing that FINALLY convinced me why it would be better for me - gotta figure out how to set the camera up right first though.  I'm excited to play though.), then we went to REI (my first one ever!) where we bought a hiking book and map for the area.  Then we stopped in a Starbucks and poured over the book and map to find some hikes for when the weather improves.  We then went and toured West Paw Design.  So fun.  We popped in unannounced and they had no problem taking us around.  We saw stuffies, and beds and their hard plastic toys being made.  And we got to see Coulee's picture on the wall.  They'd asked to buy it a few years ago as they were looking for images to decorate the office. It was huge - probably around 3x4'.  I've never printed anything so large so it was nice to know it still looks decent at that size.  We joked about bringing her in to sign her image but we left her in the car.  ;)

And now we are back "home".  Marlin is preparing his fishing stuff and I'm wrestling with WiFi.  There is about a 1 ft square space on the kitchen table where we can get wifi about 25% of the time.  LOL.  Everywhere else you can only get it for about 1 minute at a time and then it takes 45 minutes to reconnect.

Sorry no photos today.  It wasn't that kind of day!

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