Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am not a creative person.  I'm really not.  I struggle to do things "outside the box" - even just a little.  But I'm trying.  My 52 week project this year has a different prompt every week. Some are harder than others. Some are hard to come up with an idea and others are even harder to actually implement. I'm finding myself trying to plan weeks in advance or else odds are, I fall flat.  I'm also finding myself having to create Plans A, B and C as nothing seems to go as planned.

Jack helped with the testing stage
This week though (the theme was messy) was relatively easy.  I didn't actually come up with this idea until just a few days ago once I realized Plans A and B weren't going to work (one required mud (and it's too cold for mud) and the other required holi powder which had gone mouldy on me). It was a simple idea, but it still took a heck of a lot of prep and a lot of it you can't even see in the end.  I had to clean up our bedside tables, put a bedskirt on the box spring so you couldn't see it, change the blanket and pillows, shop for a feather pillow, borrow Lorelei's flashes and CamRanger, dig the tripod out of the car, charge a million batteries, test the set up with multiple different lenses to see which one created the look I want and then hope and pray the feathers will a) come out of the pillow, and b) fly through the air and that Coulee will actually think it's fun.

Thankfully she did think it was pretty fun.  Although the original concept was for me to be in the photo with her having a pillow fight, I didn't like any of those so I went with one of her destroying the pillow on her own.

Lacey on the other hand again thought I was trying to trick her into "badness".  She was down in the living room during Coulee's session and I had to go down to coax her to come back up with me.  Once she was on the bed she refused to look a the pillow and would only roll around on all the feathers.  :)  Silly girl.

I'm pretty sure I'll be vacuuming up feathers for days.  :)


Andrea said...

I so want to see the pillow fight ones! I like these though! :)

Taryn said...

Love that shot of Lacey! Looks like there was a bit of static cling going on!