Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Ever since our company left, Jack has decided a chair in the kitchen is his new favourite place.  It's been weird... he hasn't once set foot upstairs since everyone left.  He is preferring to hangout in the kitchen or basement now.  Before, his favourite places were upstairs and then the living room/kitchen area.

I've been taking advantage of the window light when he sits in his new favourite chair.  Every time I walk by he is in a slightly different "pose".

All the photos are better in black and white because the wall behind him is red and the towel thing he is sitting on is blue and green.  :)

I'm happy he is hanging out with us again.  It was a pretty long month of self induced isolation for him.  Silly boy.


Jennifer said...

Great shots! The black and white just pops! :-)

Andrea said...

Oh that last one...I feel like that some days!

Unknown said...

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