Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was so proud of Coulee last night. We went to an agility class the horse arena. It has been over a year since Coulee has been in a horse arena and it didn't seem to phase her one bit. We had a bit of an issue walking into the arena though. We were coming around the corner and almost slammed into a strange woman. I jumped, she jumped, and Coulee freaked! She was barking and lunging like crazy. I eventually got her calmed down and she seemed to instantly forget about the strange lady the instant she saw the agility equipment.

Coulee had great start lines (for her anyway!) and we even did a stay/recall where dogs were called out of their stay before she was and she didn't break. She twitched a few times, but didn't budge. She seems to be working really well for baby Cuz. If they ever stop making baby Cuzes, I'm going to have to purchase a whole bunch before they are all gone so we have a never ending supply. Her obsession with it is very weird but I'll use it to my advantage.

We worked on contacts and she was great at the base of the wall - she rocketed down to the target and stayed there - 2 feet on, 2 feet off while Amanda fed her. The teeter was okay - she went flying over it the first time, so Amanda stopped it from tipping which kind of freaked her out. It took a few tries but she eventually made it over nicely. It will definitely take some more work though.

It was nice to be back on contact equipment and to have lots of room to run.

The pictures are from our one and only agility trial last summer in Lethbridge.

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