Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rally Time

In order to make sure I followed through on Lacey's obedience training, I started taking her to some Rally-O classes. She does really good as she pretty much follows the cookie around and goes wherever it does. I have to crouch really low though to get her to heel so it is a bit akward. We were going to take some video of her last night but the batteries were dead. They are all fully charged waiting for next week though!

In between courses, we practiced our sits, downs and stands. She finally laid down for me without following a cookie or my hand! I swear she didn't have a clue what the word "down" meant until last night. In a few more days she should have it nailed.

We've also been practicing "waiting for our dinner/breakfast". We just started this last Friday and she has already figured it out. I still hold my hand out to block her if she tries to make a move but she sits and looks at me until I say "Alright". We trained Coulee to do this really early because she was so bouncy at dinner time and we knew she would knock the dish out of our hands if we did't control her. We've really, really enjoyed her knowing this, especially when we had other dogs in the house. We could put down the other dog's food and know Coulee wouldn't try and dive into it. The only time it is annoying is when you are on the phone and feeding the dogs at the same time. You need to pause your phone conversation just to say "Alright" so she can eat. I've tried nodding my head and looking really encouraging but she is too well behaved (I know, hard to believe!).

As I didn't have any pictures from last night, the pictures from this post are from when the Prairie Dog Rescue first got the pups.

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