Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Wonderful Day

So Marlin and I dropped the kids off at the daycare and went off to Calgary. I haven't been to Calgary for probably close to 2 years! I never had days off in order to go. We went to shop and visit with friends and family. I bought a pair of much needed sandles and a new skort at MEC and a new camera lens at The Camera Store. Oh happy day.

Then we went and met Marlin's sister Natasha and family for lunch. We went to a great vegetarian resteraunt called The Coup. The food was great.

Then our day started to fall apart. We were going to watch our nephew play ball but we couldn't find the ball diamond to save our life. After driving around for 30 minutes and asking a few different people for help, we gave up. We then headed off to a friend's place in Mossleigh. They had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and I'm totally smitten!

Elijah was very sweet. He was awake for most of the visit and not at all cranky. He had a full belly and an empty bladder (I can attest to this as he peed all over me - good thing I'd purchased a new skort earlier and had something to change into!)

I think this is when he peed all over me...maybe he is mimicking the look on my face!

This is my favorite photo with his little outstretched arm

And of course I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of their pup Rommel who seems to be adjusting well to his new little brother.

Even though we were constantly on our way from one visit to another, it was a really relaxing day.


Deirdre said...

Your friend in that Sandi R??

onecollie said...

Getting lost!! That is all Brad & I did when we went to Calgary!!
Love the baby!! He's all wrinkled & soooo cute, almost makes you want want huh???? !!!!!

Paws on the Run said...

If they stayed that little and cute is the growing up that scares me. :)