Monday, June 9, 2008

Who knew?

So who knew a staff meeting could be so much fun. Marlin said it sounded more like a party than work. We had some great ideas for some changes - some big, some little. I still need to wrap my head around some of them to figure out how to make them work but I think most of them are doable.

I wore the shirt so they'd know who was boss... it didn't work. They ran right over me as usual. Good thing they know what they are doing. ;)

So who knew agility in the rain could be so much fun. Go! Dog! Go! had their fun match on Saturday and it was just our luck that it would be raining. I noticed it stopped about 10 minutes after we had everything packed up. Coulee did pretty good. Her first run was awesome and the only boo boos were mine - I forgot where I was supposed to go. Her second run wasn't quite as good (she took the bridge instead of the tunnel) but she still did great. Our gamblers run... well that wasn't so good. We did get one mini-gamble twice which was great but we weren't working very well as a team. We packed it in before we did the jumpers courses, which are my favorite, but everyone was soaking wet and cold.


onecollie said...

That was definately the most fun I have ever had at a staff meeting....we're a great team , aren't we!!
from the quirky x-groomer!!

Sarah said...

wendy, i really like that photo, but i know someone else that shirt would be perfect for ....

You know who you are LOL

Anonymous said...

haha - I was thinking the same thing about the shirt!

Sarah B.