Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures at Popson

Sandy found an old e-mail the other day from when I took her dogs on their first off-leash walk (their first with me any way). I obviously had a tonne of spare time in those days as I sure don't go into this much detail anymore!

Adventures at Popson

June 28, 2006

Hi Sandy,

Everything went really well.

I picked them up around 1 pm. I couldn't find their leash but I had an extra one in the car so it was okay. I left an invoice behind - I slipped it under the BBQ burner cover.

Duke was a little vocal in the car on the way there but he was much more relaxed and quiet on the way home. I think he was a little tired by that point! Duke and Coulee got along really well, while Sadie only had eyes for Duke. We went straight to the river because it was so hot and the mosquitoes were so plentiful. Duke and Coulee had a great time splashing through the water while Sadie ran up and down the edge of the shore. I've
never actually seen dogs wrestle IN the water before. They made quite the splash. It was so cute to watch Sadie go after Duke's ears every time he shook off. They all ran out of sight a few times but came back when I whistled and called. It didn't take them too long to figure out a treat was always waiting for them.

On days with good weather, I generally bring my camera. The mosquitoes were quite bad so I wasn't able to get many "calmer" shots of the dogs - the water seems to bring out their hyperness - and I could not bear to crouch in the grass. None of these are great but some are quite cute. It also gives you an idea on what they all did together.



miradukesadie said...

Love it! I think you had more time back then b/c I think we were some of your first clients!! I remember when I could call you and arrange a walk that same afternoon! Ahhh the good old days =)

Paws on the Run said...

You were definitely one of the early ones! I had a lot of fun with your kids... until Duke swam away that is.