Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Alone...

...and loving every moment of doing nothing!

I did manage to drag myself out of the house today to go to a mini-seminar on jumping. The girls did great. Lacey was pretty funny trying to get the treat under the jump while still going over the jump (she may have sat on the bar a few times...) and Coulee was pretty motivated to do anything I asked provided "baby Cuz" was there for her reward. We all had a pretty good time and learned a few things too.

But then the real fun began. I rented a few episodes of Bones (which I had never really watched before), made a tea and grabbed my knitting. I'm knitting myself a sweater and it has been years since I've knit a sweater and I don't think I've ever knit myself one. I usually like smaller projects that I can finish before my attention span peters out.

Coulee was wishing that she was home alone. Lacey was on the pillow so she had to do what she could to find comfort without actually touching her. First she hovered over her hoping she would take the hint and leave, then she attempted to figure out how to lay around her before she finally decided the best she could do was cuddle up next to the pillow. You'd think there was only one dog bed in the house.

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