Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Night Only

Marlin and I have become very picky foster parents. We don't want to fall in love, which means they can't stay long. We only take dogs in an emergency situation and that way they only stay for a night or two.

These two little cuties (Gwen (top three pictures) and Billy (bottom two pictures)) weren't working out in their foster home, and the new foster home couldn't take them until tomorrow so we volunteered to take them for a night.

Oh how we sacrifice!

As you can see we are very good foster parents. We teach them great skills such as shoe destruction and finger chewing that every dog owner should appreciate.

If anyone is interested in these little cuties, you can find out more about adopting them by visiting the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue.


Stephanie V said...

Oh, my gosh, one night would be more than enough. Only five minutes looking at the photos and your Mom's wondering if they can be shipped out.

onecollie said...

soooooo cute!!!!!!