Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend was a complete whirlwind. I learned tonnes and have a very long To-Do list for when I get back home. We didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped but we didn't really have time with all the business information we were getting. We did have a photo session today with Buster Brown, a bloodhound/basset mix and Ruby a retired/rescued greyhound.

Buster Brown could have been a movie star with all the attention he was getting. Everwhere he went, people exclaimed with delight and wanted to touch him. I even saw someone taking pictures of him with their cell phone. One woman asked if he was famous as he had 8 photographers taking pictures of him. Ruby was as sweet as can be. She was sooo soft, it was amazing. We kept asking what her secret was but her mom thinks it is just genetics. Ruby was lean, sleak and elegant while Buster was... well... not lean, sleak or elegent! They are quite the pair.

Tomorrow I have about an hour to try and get some shopping done and then off to the airport to head for home. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and not trying to talk in American terms (i.e. farenheit, miles and soda).


StellaStar said...

I know...we Americans and our funky units of measure. (And BTW, it's Pop, not Soday...tee hee!)

StellaStar said...


Paws on the Run said...

We call it pop but everyone here seems to say Soda. Maybe it is a west coast thing?