Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's Awake

Marlin and I are staying out on a beautiful property and house-sitting for some friends for a few days. It is absolutely gorgeous out here. The girls think they are in heaven. So do I.

Last night was our first night. We spent the evening on the back deck enjoying the view and the wildlife. Then we went to bed and continued to "enjoy" the wildlife. At around 2 a.m. we could swear there was a Great Horned Owl sitting on our window ledge. It was that loud. And to make things even better, Coulee decided that she needed to protect us from the scary bird. So she growled. For about an hour. We'd ask her to stop, we'd get her settled on her bed and the bird would hoot again and she would growl again.

Now for the irony. A few years ago when I was learning to recognize birds and their different calls, I learned different phrases that would help you recognize the rhythm of their songs. Does that make sense? So for example, the phrase to recognize the great horned owl is, "Who's awake, me too".