Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Was a Showgirl

I had fun this weekend showing Tate. He was a very good boy for me although he was pretty feisty this morning and actually jumped up to take a cookie (that wasn't actually there) out of the judge's hand. :) While I had fun, I don't think it is something I would ever do (assuming I ever own a purebred!). The judging is so subjective, the people are so competitive and you end up with "Winners" and "Losers". I much prefer the way agility is done where each dog is judged on how well they do, and it doesn't depend on how well their competitors do.

But Jo, if you ever want to show Tate again, I'm your gal! Thanks for letting me have such a great experience. I'm very glad, there was no pressure and that it was all just for fun. That is the way I like it.


Anonymous said...

I take it best in show was not on for you this weekend. I liked how you look though and you both make a stunning pair.
You get my vote for the best pair in show.
love mom

onecollie said...

you guys rocked!! I would let you show him again anytime you want! I glad you had fun!