Friday, November 13, 2009


We went to the dog park in Fort Macleod today for something a little different. I thought there would be so many different sights and sounds that Coulee wouldn't really need to play fetch, she'd be too busy sniffing.

About 30 seconds in, she found a log and decided that it would make the perfect throw toy.

I think she also liked it because she didn't think the other kids would be able to carry it very far. She was right.

We had quite the scare when a moose ran out of the bushes and took all the dogs on a merry chase. (Coulee was so startled she managed to loose her stick! They were instantly out of sight in the tall brush and trees and left me hoping and praying they would come back to me. They all did. But probably after the moose out ran them.


miradukesadie said...

A Moose!! Holy Crap. I'm glad Sadie was with you! =)

Stephanie V said...

That's pretty clever of the dogs to find a moose to play with. I guess Coulee plans to stick with her log from now on.

miradukesadie said...

whoops that was suppose to say "wasn't with you!"