Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Springs

Coulee, Lacey and I met up with John, Constance and little Paisley for Paisley's first off leash walk, or in Paisley's case, her first romp through the grass.  This girl has spring for legs.  And not very graceful springs I might add. She took quick a few tumbles as she tried to navigate the uneven ground at full speed.

Coulee has a new black and white fan to add to her collection.  :)  Paisley thought she was very fun and pretty much spent all her time just running around after her.

John and Constance also have a new fan - Lacey.  She thought the chicken in their pockets was pretty good.  Much better than the hypo-allergenic kibble I was giving out.

Paisley showed no hesitation at all at the water, but never actually swam.  She did manage to get nice and dirty though.  :)

She should be nice and tired tonight!  Thanks guys, for a really fun walk.


WigglyZack said...

Oh how great she was able to be off leash. Paisley is definitely very springy and is a great leaper. Wonderful pictures.

Constance said...

She is SO tired! It was good for her. Thanks, and thanks to Coulee & Lacey for being so patient with her!

Stephanie V said...

Those ears!

Anonymous said...

What breed(s) is Paisley? Love the name!!

Paws on the Run said...

Lynn, she's a standard parti-poodle. First one I've met!

Brittani Bowling said...

Wow these images are beautiful! I would LOVE to shoot in a beautiful field like that! Amazing :)