Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in Waterton

Marlin, the girls and I spent this last week with family in Waterton. We camped at the Crandall Lake campground, which is much nicer than the one in town. Despite hauling my camera almost everywhere with me, I barely took any photos.  I had done all the hikes before so taking all the scenic shots just didn't seem to happen and I wasn't into crowding around the wildlife we saw on the side of the road or in town just to get a few pictures.  The bear you see below we saw during an early morning hike - it was just us and two joggers watching him graze.

We spent our time relaxing and hiking and some of us also did some boating, biking and fishing. I stuck to the hiking and relaxing. :)  It was the kind of vacation where I don't feel like I need a vacation to recover from the vacation, if that makes sense.

The dogs did great and enjoyed all the hikes we took. Micah was kind enough to carry Coulee's share of the water to help spare her feet a bit.  She didn't seem to mind the pack at all.  I have to say having the "canine assist" (aka Coulee/Lacey pulling on the leash) up the hill was great, but my shins are a little sore from resisting the "canine assist" down the hill.

We saw a fair amount of wildlife - bears, deer, sheep and hundreds of ground squirrels.  The dogs were most interested in the ground squirrels.

I am loving our trailer, but we'll need to cut back on our washroom use when we go out for longer periods.  We filled our septic tank and I was very sad when I had to become a "commoner" and use the public washrooms. Thankfully it was only for the last day and a half.


Constance said...

Micah has the best eyebrows!

Ruth said...

That bear looks amazing!

miradukesadie said...

I can't believe your bathroom lasted that long! We fill our grey water tank in a weekend lol! Not even joking! I'll blame it on all the dishes we do....ya that's it :)

WigglyZack said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Brilliant picture of the bear. Crikey, I would have been needing your loo really bad if I was that close to the bear and on foot!!!

Taryn said...

Wonderful shots of the bear! Neat to see, but I am glad bears are not a regular sight in my area. It would sure put a crimp in off-leash walks! Once in a very long while, a black bear will make it all the way to suburbia, only to be hit by a car :-( or if they are luckier, tranked and sent packing back to the mountains.

Off-topic, I have been using my 70-200 lens all the time, and I am starting to think it is not so bad! I definitely love the pictures it takes!