Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Perfect Models

A few months ago I put together a video at work using a "Pet Cam" and posted it on YouTube for our clients to enjoy.

A month or so after that, Dogtek, the company that sells the video cameras, found the video, liked it and decided to check out our website.  From there, they found out we also offered pet photography.

And that, led to this....

How cool is that?

The cute little girl in the picture is Aislyn.  She is the cutest, smiliest, most patient 4 year old ever.  And Keara the gorgeous lab, is pretty cute, smiley and most definitely, the most patient dog ever.  Thanks Jo and Deb for lending me your gorgeous models!  It was a fun experience.


WigglyZack said...

Cool ad. Great job Wendy. I remember you telling me about this when we went out with zack. It turned out great.

Amanda said...

I thought that was Acey! I think she just might have a modelling career in her future.

How cool is it to have your photography out there like that?

Lorelei said...

That turned out so wonderful! Congratulations!

Stephanie V said...

Well done. It looks even better as an ad. Wonder why that is?