Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bootie Time

I really wish I could figure out what it is about the Cuz toys that makes Coulee soooo happy.  But at the moment, I don't care.  I'm using it to my advantage.

We are putting cream on her feet twice a day. To prevent her from licking it off and spreading it around the house as she walks, we put booties on her for an hour or so.  Oh my.  Does this ever make her sulk.  She hates it.  Just hates it.  I don't even think the Cone of Shame makes her sulk this much.

We just kind of ignored the sulking in the past but the other day I had a brain wave. I decided that every time we did her feet, I'd give her a cuz toy to play with.  I went out and bought a new one that still squeaked (not sure why I bothered, she killed the squeak in less than 10 minutes) and she was happy as a clam.  She spent all her bootie time happily mouthing the cuz by herself.  

But now that the novelty has worn off, she no longer entertains herself and keeps bringing it to me to throw.  The staring can get a little annoying, but when she is fixated on me (with the cuz on my lap) at least she isn't sulking.  I've had to extend the cuz time to 2 hours per application because she tries to lick her feet after we take the boots off .  So we are dealing with 4 hours of Cuz time a day.

Coulee's never been happier.  I might be going a little nuts.  At least the squeak doesn't work.

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