Saturday, November 19, 2011


1. I bought Lacey a superman cape.  This makes me happier than you know.

2. I can remember learning to skate in Ontario right outside our back door and using a chair to stay upright.

3. I wish those lessons in skating were helping me now. And I wish I could still use a chair.

4. We have a "mini benchmark" test on Tuesday for roller derby.  I am not going to pass.

5. Being realistic is not the same as being pessimistic.

6. I'm going to practice skating a lot this weekend.

7. Internet "spying" on my business competition often makes me giggle.

8. Coulee's feet are craptastic, but I don't want to talk about it.

9. Lacey is a wild, savage beast this morning.

10. The poor dogs have not had enough attention these last few days.

11. I have SO MUCH TO DO this weekend.

12. I just want to sit on my ass after what felt like a super long week.

13. I'm quite enjoying this randomness thing.

14. I might go and photograph 2 puppies this weekend... if the weather doesn't turn them into frozen pupsicles that is.

15. I just realized yesterday that because we've stopped taking new clients at the daycare, I won't be able to get my puppy fix.  Maybe we'll make a rule - we'll take new clients, but only if they are puppies.  ;)

16. It is only 7:30 on Saturday and I already feel guilty for not doing work.

17. I'm sure a much deeper post could be written about how Lacey is my hero that would be better suited to these photos, but my brain is much too scattered for that.

18. About 20 minutes after these photos were taken a storm rolled in and it was dark, grey and snowing.  Weird eh?

19. I'm going to check out some of the dog show this weekend.  There are no Lancashire Heelers entered.  One day, I'll see one in person.

20. Photographing birds in flight, is a skill I've yet to master.  As only 1 in 20 shots were in focus, this one was obviously a fluke and not talent.  Isn't he pretty?

21.  My brain is finally blank.


Mary Lou said...

You were obviously having WAY TO MUCH FUN with your whole randomness thing!! It felt sort of like a GAME!! Fun!! ;)
Your pictures of "Super Lacey" are AWESOME. Seriously. Looking forward to the deeper post about Lacey being your hero....

Karen said...

Throwing out random things like that is fun isn't it. I did a post like that for my birthday last year. Enjoyed reading yours:)

manymuddypaws said...

Lacey is Vito's hero. :)

andrea said...

5. Being realistic is not the same as being pessimistic.

so true ...

love the cape too :)