Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips for Applying for a Job

We are currently hiring at the daycare and I am dumbfounded by the resumes and emails we are receiving.  I'm sure none of you, my lovely readers, need these tips, but I just thought I'd share these all of which have been inspired based on what we've received.

  1. Writing with capitals at the beginning of your sentence, along with using punctuation (especially at the end of sentences) in your email would help make a better impression.
  2. Don't just email "I want to work there - call me 403-xxx-xxxx"
  3. Don't mention how your work experience with animals equals your work experience with people and then have nothing listed on your resume that has anything at all with animals.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.
  4. Don't apply for a part time job yet state in your resume you are looking for full time.
  5. Don't apply for a job that requires you to work from 12-6, and then state you can't start until after 4.
  6. Change your objective on your resume to match the job you are applying for.  That is great if you are looking for an office job to utilize your incredible computer skills, however that isn't what this particular job is about.
  7. Don't pop in to chat because you are so eager and qualified that a resume just wouldn't do you justice, then have nothing to say other than "Hi, my name is Jane Doe, I love dogs and I'd like to work here."
  8. Using multiple exclamation marks does nothing but annoy me!!!!!!  It is OK on a blog, Facebook or casual email, not so OK on a job application.  The same goes for smiley faces.  :)
It is really scary how horrible some applications are.  


Amanda said...

Last time I applied for you Jenna gave me the run down on what you absolutely despise in an email/resume.

Sometimes people drop off resumes at the store and there is ZERO on there to indicate that they even like animals or have retail experience. On top of that I just have to go through and pick out spelling errors.

Hope you get a promising email/resume soon!

K-Koira said...

Some people, when looking for a job, get stuck in a mindset where the number of applications they put in or resumes they drop off is what ends up as important, and they forget to take the time to make every job they apply for believe they really want that job. Then, they will say something to their friends/family/world at large about putting in 10 applications per day all month and not getting a single call back... There's a reason for it, guys.

Anonymous said...

Can I have job??? I really like dogs :) and I have one at home, which I'd like to bring to work with me cause that would be so cool cause then I'd get free daycare as well!!!

I really do like dogs.
Thank-you so much!!

Kay Neignkimpoop