Saturday, December 17, 2011

Retrievers They Are Not

Coulee was having a rest day yesterday so I took Tate and Lacey to the dog park by themselves.  I discovered something very important... retrievers they are not.  :)

They were both very interested in the toy but seemed incapable of finding it unless it was really obvious.

With Coulee I throw it as hard and as far as I can.  With these two I had to do short little throws.

I discovered that Lacey only uses her eyes to search for the toy.  She runs to where she thinks it is and if it isn't there, she looks for it and will sometimes spot it, but is generally pretty ineffective as she is often short of the mark.

Tate on the other hand only uses his nose.  He was completely oblivious to where it went but would run off anyway and end up sniffing 20 feet away from the toy and have no luck.  In his defence, I think the throwing motion of the frisbee was different than what he was used to so he was never really sure when and where I threw it.

Whenever they did get it though, they were very, very proud of themselves.


deb said...

Well they must think they are very clever indeed to find it against "all odds". Better than our dog! ;)

onecollie said...

those are sooo awesome Wendy!
Tate does need to see where you throw it, his eye sight is worse then it used to be, & yes he always uses his nose, I taught him that, I say "find it" & he immediately goes to ground :) That is from his tracking days!
He is going to be so bored coming back to my house, guess I have to start going to the off leash parks!

Mary Lou said...

Too funny.... Well, not EVERY dog is born a "Retriever". My Beagle/German Shepherd cross, Rose certainly is NOT!! ;op

K-Koira said...

I wanted to let you know I am passing on the Liebster Award to your blog. If you would like to, you can get the award and the "rules" from my recent blog post.

Brianne said...

Hilarious pictures, particularly the last two.

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