Friday, December 2, 2011


By the time Tuesday rolled around this week, Coulee's feet had gotten worse and she was limping on her back left foot.  I emailed the dermatologist and we decided to start the steroids.  I'm glad we did because on our walk on Wednesday one of her front feet started to bleed so I know they definitely are getting worse again. Most days I wonder if I'm just being paranoid.  And I can actually tell by her ear set in the pictures I took that day that she isn't feeling 100%.

She is on 50 mg/day for 30 days after which we'll drop down to 25 mg/day for 30 days.  From what I've heard it is a pretty strong dose.  The plan is to kick it hard in the ass to send it into remission so that hopefully we never see it again.

On Wednesday she literally peed every hour.  She did pretty good overnight though and I'm hoping that will continue.  She survived my 4.5 hour morning shift with no problems too so hopefully she won't need to come to work with me.

So fingers crossed this works.  We haven't come up with a plan if it doesn't, so it better!


WigglyZack said...

It is definitely worth a try. Hopefully it will give her some relief and over time the dose can be reduced to a lower "maintenance" level. I know steroids are kind of a scary thing but as long as it gives her relief it will be worth it.

K-Koira said...

Here's to hoping it works.

Anonymous said...

fingers and paws crossed!
Sarah B.

Taryn said...

Good luck!

My first Cardigan took Prednisone for his bad arthritis/disc disease. It didn't make him have to pee so much as it made him INSANE for food! Corgis are already chow-hounds so adding the steroid really amplified it.

Mary Lou said...

Coulee looks HAPPY in that last picture you posted....
Keeping my FINGERS crossed and sending HEARTFELT prayers your way!! :op