Friday, September 28, 2012

Before Coyote - Part 1

So before we ran into Mr. Coyote, we were actually having a really good time.  Such a good time in fact, I'm breaking it into more than one post as I took a tonne of photos.  These will all be ones before we even hit the water.

Where we park there is a short steep hill with beautiful trees behind it.  Do you think I could get Coulee to stand up there without a toy in her mouth for a "formal" fall photo?  Of course not!  I don't even bother with Lacey - she just looks beaten if I try and make her "pose.  I did manage a few of her running by to get the toy at least.

After a short walk through the trees we hit the beach and the girls are off and running...

But before they hit the water they ran back to see why I was taking so long.

I wanted some dry dog pictures so I threw the toy a few times before we got to the reservoir.

Some days Coulee really does have the patience of a saint.  The focus isn't quite right in the photo below, but it is good enough to show you what she puts up with some days!

After a few throws, they were hot and thirsty and it was time to head to the water.  There was no stopping them this time.

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Andrea said...

Love Lacey's spunk!