Sunday, August 4, 2013


I'll be honest, editing photos is not my favourite thing and I like things to be fairly "true to life" but at the same time I can see what basic adjustments can do to a photo and I even like it sometimes when major adjustments are done to photos.  Part of my dislike is because I don't think I have the time - or rather I don't want to spend the time. I've been getting Photoshop via "subscription" for the past year and it took the sting out of buying a big expensive program that I wasn't sure if I would use.  It has definitely been useful when I had to keep a dog on a long line (editing out that leash was a BREEZE!) and it has been fun for the few composite photos I've done (I've been meaning to do more but haven't had a chance).  But I haven't done a whole lot with it that I couldn't do in Lightroom.

I recently bought some actions (basically they are editing short cuts that someone else has created to give a photo a certain look). I know I can get some for Lightroom as well but I wanted to play with Photoshop. I've done some playing around and even when I use the action at a pretty weak opacity (or strength shall we say) I find it a bit much. But then when I go back and look at my original edit, the original looks kind of dull.  LOL.  I need to figure out how to find a better balance and obviously more play time is needed.

Before and After - I realize the white balance isn't quite the same but it seemed like too much effort to fix.  See - told you I'm lazy.  :)
 Anyway, that's it for my ramblings.  I'll leave you with a few more pics.  :)

I caught this "from the hip" with my 70-200.  I'm thrilled her face is actually the part in focus.  :)

My car was getting a new windshield installed so we borrowed Marlin's vehicle so the girls got to ride loose in the back.
Speaking of vehicles, I'm getting some fun "stickers" added to my car's back windows.  It will be a little cheesy but it will make me smile and hopefully make some others smile as well.

Lacey will be smiling at everyone going by on the passenger side.

While Coulee will be grinning at everyone passing me on the driver side.

I've had this idea for a long time, but I originally wanted them facing towards the front of the car with the wind in their fur.  I imagined taking the photos on a windy day so that the car would be stationary (and they wouldn't be driving with their heads out the window) but I needed a windy day, with the light in the right place (in relation to the wind) and then someone to help me so I could turn their heads.  After taking Micah's photo in the car a few weeks ago, I figured that while this wasn't my original plan, it would still be cute.  I'm getting them on the car on Tuesday.  I can't wait.


K-Koira said...

I have an older version of photoshop- and I never use it. Partly because I don't know how to use it, but mostly because I like and know how to use Lightroom, and I can't really see many reasons I would need to use Photoshop. There isn't a whole lot I want to do to photos that I can't do in Lightroom.

Paws on the Run said...

It is definitely more powerful than Lightoom and has it's time and place. The problem is that darn learning curve! Ugh.

Blazingstar said...

I LOVE photoshop, but maybe that's because I used it long before I ever had Lightroom. Lightroom is great if you want to make adjustments to the entire photo, but Photoshop allows me to make changes to only part of a photo, which I find very useful.