Tuesday, August 13, 2013

She Has Her Moments

Coulee is generally a pretty serious dog, but she has her moments of goofiness.

On this particular night I had brought a second toy for Lacey.  Usually Coulee is very "loyal" to her chosen toy and no matter what I do, or what I play with, she won't switch even when I want her to.  The exception to this is if I bring out a ball or cuz toy - they trump frisbees and "bumper-like" toys, but I can't switch from ball to ball or frisbee to frisbee or from frisbee to bumper, etc.  Some days it is annoying but most days it is useful as I can play with Lacey without Coulee trying to steal away the toy.

But on this particular night Coulee was feeling mischievous and kept stealing toys right out of my hand.  Whatever one I had, she wanted.  It cracks me up that I can see her mood even in the photos.

Sorry for the crooked horizons.  I was shooting from the hip in order to catch her expression accurately.  :)

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