Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Visitor

Max is staying with us for a few days.  He belongs to a friend of mine and used to come to daycare so when I found out they were looking for somewhere for him to stay while they were away, I volunteered - provided he got along with our furry crew.

He came over the week before for a trial and much to my surprise Lacey LOVED him.  He was pretty aloof, but I knew it would be an easy to manage situation.  He wasn't great with Lu but he called off really easily and I decided that it was a problem that was worth managing in order to broaden Lacey's horizons a little more.  She really has been much, much better with greeting dogs lately!  I'm very happy about that.

Max has some social issues of his own and doesn't really like dogs he doesn't know and in particular, he doesn't enjoy big dogs.  The nice thing about Coulee and Lacey is that they generally want to avoid other dogs too, so no one is pestering him to play or being too pushy.  All the inept social dogs tend to work well at our house as everyone just gives everyone else some space.  :)

They've all be co-existing quite well from the get go.  I keep hoping Max and Lacey will play, but it hasn't happened.  On walks though they amble along together and check out all the same smelly spots.

I've been walking Coulee separately to try and avoid her running. It is working much, much better than the fiasco earlier this week.  :)  Although going on two dog walks is rather time consuming.

It's been nice though having a new photography subject with "my main girl" down for the count for a while.  Max has been nicely keeping me preoccupied.

It's been fun having him around.  He's my little shadow and is never far from me.  Last night he was all snuggled up in bed with me and Marlin was trying to convince him to go out for a bathroom break.  He called and cajoled and called some more.  I finally woke up and told him to go and he went.  When Marlin let him back into the bedroom he launched across the room and back into bed with me before anyone else could steal his spot.  :)

He'll be with us for the rest of the weekend and goes home Monday.  I should have a few more photos to share by then.  :)


JR said...

The amazing photography!!!

JR said...

The amazing photography!!!

manymuddypaws said...

mr. max is sure getting the royal treatment. I'm going to have to step up my game. lol