Monday, November 18, 2013


Lacey and Vito are great friends but they still have a bit of a weird relationship.

You know those dogs that when they see each other again, they instantly start wrestling and having fun together?  Well that isn't them.

They are thrilled to see each other but then instantly go and do their own thing.  One dog will get the zoomies and the other one will just stand and watch.  Then the other one will be feeling flirty and the other one is too engrossed in a smell to even notice.  This happens over and over again and neither of them seems to feel playful in the same moment.

But when they finally get their act together, watch out, as they have a blast... for about 5 minutes.  And then it is back to their own thing.  :)

Regardless, they make a pretty cute pair.


YourSpecialDog said...

Amazing photos :) Loved them :DD


Anonymous said...

Adorable! What total cuties. I love photos of dogs playing together, and yours are always so beautiful!

Taryn said...

Lacey never seems like a small dog until I see her next to Vito! Then I can see the size comparisons. You got some really adorable photos of Vito!