Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birds of Prey

Jolene and I went to the Birds of Prey Centre this weekend. It was a lot of fun. She held a great horned owl and posed with a bald eagle. I was the "official" photographer. I decided to leave my zoom lens at home - what was I thinking? Good thing digital pictures can be cropped!

Aren't burrowing owls adorable??

I love the colour of the great horned owl's eyes
Jolene was the only person who actually smiled next to the eagle.  We had lots of fun laughing at all the kids.  They were so nervous, their shoulders were up around their ears and one poor kid was horrified that the eagle drooled into his hair.
Even though we were surrounded by all these incredibly powerful birds, I think this picture of the geese is one of my favorites from the day!  They came running when they saw us.  I think they thought we must have food for them.

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