Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Only Complaint

So my only complaint about our new Mac is that it doesn't come with a card reader. Downloading photos off the camera was really, really slow. I had to walk away and do something else, it was that slow. So we went out and bought a card reader today. So of course I had to test it out. It is better, but still not as good as the PC at work. Weird that Mac's which are supposed to be so good with the creative side of things, would have such a lousy system to download photos... unless I'm doing something wrong.

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Perry Reichanadter said...

I firewire card reader is much faster than a USB. They're hard to find though and rather expensive. The USB 2.0 are suppose to be just as fast but they're not. Stick with it. The Macs really are cooler. ;-)